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Best Paint Markers in Canada Reviewed - 2019

We review and rate the top selling Paint Markers in Canada for 2019
Best Seller

Sharpie PAINT Marker Paint, Permanent Oil-Base Marker

4.2 out of 5 Stars

I bought these hoping that they would stick on my tires as described by many people on the internet. Having done research prior to buying, most tire paint markers would crack, fall off or brown very quickly. Having said that, these Oil-Based sharpies worked like a charm.

Was deciding whether to spend $120 on tire stickers that would eventually become brown, or buy markers to fill in my Goodyear tires.
Sure enough, $8 for two worked for me, given that you have enough patience to fill in each letter.

I did my tires in -1.5 degrees as I live in Quebec. And perhaps it was this reason that I was able to get a cleaner fill without the risk of paint runs.
Though, I had to run inside the house a couple of times ...

Mr. Chalk 4 Pack of 6MM Erasable

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Received these markers and was not expecting them to work as well as they do.

Box includes 4 markers, 4 labels, and 2 extra tips. Starting using markers as soon as I got them and used them on my chalkboard.

Lots of reviewers mentioned they should only be used on non-porous chalkboards but I disagree. I used them on my porous chalkboard and had no problem to erase the writing. Used spray bottle filled with water and magic eraser to erase. Just sprayed on chalkboard and wiped clean with magic eraser and dried off with a rag. Took 10 seconds and no ghosting. Others say to use glass cleaner or nail polish remover to clean off. I used water and it was fine and cleaned off the liquid chalk completely.

Used the 4 ...

Kassa Chalk Markers (10 Neon Colors) -

4.2 out of 5 Stars

These were a gift for my daughter, and I was hoping they’d be amazing. The tips are splitting (after only two minor uses), and the ink isn’t flowing well at all. We have to switch between the tips to get a semi-decent flow of ink (it appears that only the tip on the inside of the marker fills with enough ink). When the inside tip is brought out and there is enough ink, the colours are beautiful on the chalkboard. I am so disappointed. I really wanted these to work.

Update: seller replaced item. The second set works excellently! ...

Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen - Extra Fine

4.6 out of 5 Stars

These are fantastic for rock painting. I also "paint" with them. Very happy with this product and will order them again. ...

Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen - Medium Point

4.5 out of 5 Stars

These paint markers are fantastic! This was my first time using a POSCA product and I haven't been disappointed. Will be buying some of the other sizes in the near future.

I purchased them over 9 months ago and they're still a piece of cake to get the ink flowing in, doesn't seem to matter whether I previously used a colour last week or 6 months ago.

Since it wasn't included, you can find PDFs of the official product documentation (in English) @ Posca.com (go to UK->Products->Materials & Tips):

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - how to prime markers, how to store, etc.
MATERIAL TESTS - chart showing how well it works on 55 different materials/surfaces, including ratings for factors such as adhesion, resistances to abrasion/water/heat, line definition, alteration instructions, etc:
RENDERING TIPS - how to mix ...

Paint pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic,

4.3 out of 5 Stars

These. Are. So. Cool. We bought these to write on a mirror (on an easel) that was the seating chart at our wedding and they worked beautifully. Looked just like paint and stayed, no smudging etc, once dried. Since then the mirror was actually in our backyard for a bit and there had been some rain and yet the paint remained, no problem. Highly recommend. ...